Strip Club Music Classics

"Shake That"

By Eminem

Last Updated: 

24th March 2022

Released in 2006, and featuring Nate Dogg, this song (on the face it) didn't achieve much in the mainstream world: No. 6 in the US Charts and nominated for a Grammy. This may have been due to distribution choices as in many countries it was only available as a download (and no doubt the explicit lyrics had a part to play in this). If you look at these download sales, you'll see this song receiving gold and platinum sales in the US, UK, Sweden, and Denmark. On the club and Rap/Hip Hop scenes this easily became a classic:

The subject makes this song easy to apply to twerking and here are some sexy choreographed dance routines to check out:

Purely for fun, and some chill factor, here's how this song might have sounded back in medieval times:

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