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"Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"

by Eurythmics

Last Updated: 

18th October 2022

Released in 1983 by British pop-synth duo Eurythmics, consisting of Annie Lennox & Dave Stewart, this is the single that made them famous. The studio was reluctant to release the track because it has no chorus so, it ended up as the 4th single released from their 2nd album (of the same name), Despite this it was an instant hit, especially on the then fledgling MTV channel. The song gained the no.1 spot in the USA and Canada, and was a top 10 hit in over a dozen other countries (including reaching no.2 in the UK):

The song has been officially remixed and reissued numerous times, including in 1991, 1995, 2006, 2010, & 2020. The '91 remix is perhaps the most well-known of these, although the official Steve Angello remix from 2004 is certainly one of the most popular:

The song does lend itself to remixing so well and thus, it should come as no surprise that there are lots out there. This is our favorite unofficial remix, from 2015, by DJ Deep Dink:

The song has also been covered quite a few times, and some of our choices are:

The dance/rap version released in 1995 by American singer "Swing" (ft, Dr. Alban); The New Orleans based brass band "The Soul Rebels" in 2013; The 2020 EDM track from Lithuanian artists "SMACK & Karra"; The pop/dance/EDM 2022 version by Dexter ft. Olivia "Livvia' Somerlyn; and the 2022 EDM version by "Rezz & fknsyd".

Some covers are often darker sounding versions, and we like these too:

The 1995 rock/metal cover by "Marilyn Manson"; The scary internet story (aka creepypasta) theme created in 2014 for "Jeff the Killer" (and retitled "sweet Dreams Are Made of Screams"); The 2021 atmospheric version by Kat Leon (aka Holy Wars); and the 2022 phonk house cover by hip hop producer Kayou.

"Sweet Dreams has also been used in a few films, including: Australian actress Emily Browning singing it in the 2011 American psychological fantasy "Sucker Punch"; and in the 2016 American Marvel comics superhero movie "X-Men: Apocalypse" (when "Quicksilver" saves a school) 

Let's finish with something a little bit unusual but pretty stunning - German singer/musician Patricia Buchler (aka Patty Gurdy), singing "Sweet Dreams" live, while playing the "Hurdy-Gurdy" (a sort of crank turned violin with keys):

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