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"These Boots Were Made for Walkin'"

By Nancy Sinatra

Last Updated: 

24th August 2022

Released in 1965 and recorded by Nancy Sinatra, this dance/pop/folky-rock song was written by country & pop singer Lee Hazelwood for himself. However, he was persuaded the song sounded too misogynistic when performed by a male but empowered when sung by a female. It was the 2nd single released from her debut album "Boots", and really helped put Nancy Sinatra on the map, even though she was the daughter of Frank Sinatra. The song hit the No.1 spot in 8 countries including the UK and USA, and was in the top ten in 10 other countries:

As far as we're aware the song has only had one revised updated version, in 2016, but we're not sure it's even an official one:

The song has been covered many times, far too many to mention or even show here. However, these have included Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, The Supremes, Lil' Kim, Haley Reinhart, and Billy Ray Cyrus (in 1992):

And his daughter, Miley Cyrus in 2018:

And the interesting cover by Jen Jis Ft. Melody Gardot from 2019:

The song has been used in quite a few films, including the following listed movies.

The independent 1987 contemporary Western revenge movie "Dudes", featured an altered version by American heavy metal band Megadeth:

The original song was used in the 1987 Vietnam war drama "Full Metal Jacket": 

Another altered version was used in the 2005 American action comedy road film, "The Dukes of Hazard". American singer Jessica Simpson, who plays "Daisy Duke" in the movie, rewrote most of the lyrics:

A speeded-up rendition featuring Merenia was used in the 2018 American comedy heist film "Ocean's 8":

The 2021 American crime comedy "Cruella" (a prequel to Cruella de Vil in "Hundred and One Dalmatians") starring Emma Stone:

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