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"What Is Love"

By Haddaway

Last Updated: 

18th May 2022

Written & produced by German team Dee Dee Halligan & Junior Torello, it is sung by Trinidadian born German American choreographer and producer Nestor Haddaway. It was released in 1993 and became a huge European hit, reaching the number 1 spot in over 13 countries and the top 10 in another 5 countries (including No.2 in the UK and No.9 in the USA) not to mention No.12 in Australia & No.17 in Canada:

The song was used by Saturday Night Live which became a spin off, as American comedy film "A Night at the Roxbury" (1998), starring Chris Kattan & Will Ferrell:

The song has been covered a few times and interestingly have included a lot of Ballard versions - Diane Birch (2009), EMD (2010), DJ Lost Frequencies (2016), and Kiesza (2014):

Just for added variety and interest, here's a 2021 metal cover version by Leo Moracchioli (ft, Priscila Serrano):

The song was sampled for the track "No Love" by Eminem (ft. Lil Wayne), released on his "Recovery" album in 2010:

There have been so many remixes of this song it's hard to pick out favorites. The following are a selection where the original has not been changed too drastically. First up is the 2009 remix by DJ Klaas titled "Klaas meets Haddaway - What is Love 2K9":

Here's a straightforward remix from 2019, featuring plenty of shuffle dance moves in the video:

This is an enjoyable and updated remix from 2020 by DJ Kica Bootleg:

And finally, an updated and modern remix from 2021, by DJ Vitalis:

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