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Mustang Sally's
Gentlemen's Club

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

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3rd December 2019

6th May 2022

The Club

Mustang Sally's is a fully nude venue for people aged 18 or older, with a BYOB alcohol policy (with safe in-house storage provided) and are a smoking permitted site.

This medium sized 72,000 sq. ft. club is nestled in rural Columbia County, in a setting of just over 2.5 acres.

Inside provides for a fun environment with a "barbell" shaped stage providing the central focus, consisting of two circular stages linked together with a walkway for performers.

In addition to this, and providing it's own "center of attention", is a shower show stage.

Private areas include 12 VIP rooms and a larger room for party events, including bachelor/bachelorette celebrations, birthdays etc.


The club is firmly Country Rock, playing a collection of strong American classics and modern day Country & Western and Rock & Roll.


Mustang Sally's does not serve any food. There is a small kitchen on site, so this has the potential to change in the future.


Address: 600 Montour Boulevard, Bloomsburg, PA 17815

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Saturday, 6pm - 2am. Closed Sunday and Monday.


The original Mustang Sally's, at the same address, has been around for many a year. Around 2016 they migrated to becoming a swingers club but closed in early 2018. On December 6th 2019 they reopened as a Gentlemen's Club with new owners, management, performers and support team. The only remaining vestige is the retention of the club name, and a few features of the club's previous hardscape.

The new owner/operators are husband and wife team Steve & Crystal Carr-Cornwell, who are no strangers to the adult nightclub industry. Crystal is a former dancer and club DJ and, as a married team, they own and operate another club: "Whispers" in Seaford, Delaware. Their skills and experience bring a much welcomed professional, friendly and down-to-earth feel to the club.

Steve & Crystal previously owned "Chase Lounge" in Dover, Delaware. However they chose to close this club permanently, in November 2019, in readiness for Mustang Sally's opening.

Contact Details

Website: or click here.

 Facebook: @mustangsallysbloomsburg or click here.

 Twitter: @mustangsallysn1 or click here.

 Telephone: 570-356-9103

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