USA Strip Clubs:

Alphabetically by C

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16th July 2019

27th August 2022

This is a list of Strip Clubs found in the USA whose name begins with the letter:


Café Risqué, Micanopy, Florida (North)

California Girls, Anaheim, California (LA)

California Girls, Santa Ana, California (LA)

Camelot Showbar, North West Washington, DC

(The) Candy Cats (Too), Winnetka, California (LA)

(Eye) Candy Gentlemen's Club, College Park, Georgia

Candy Store, Mobile, Alabama

Candy Store, Phoenix, Arizona

Carousel Lounge, Columbus, Georgia

(The Historic Red) Carpet Lounge,  Brunswick, Georgia

(The Candy) Cats (Too), Winnetka, California (LA)

(The) Catwalk Club, New Haven, Connecticut

CC (Chocolate City) Cabaret, Tampa, Florida (Central)

(Gold Club) Centerfolds, Rancho Cordova, California

(PT's) Centerfolds, Denver, Colorado

Centerfolds, San Francisco, California

Centerfold's Cabaret, Phoenix, Arizona

Centerfolds Gentlemen's Club, Chico, California

Centerfold Topless, Hot Springs, Arkansas

(New) Century Theatre, San Francisco, California

(Good Time) Charlies, Soldotna, Alaska - Permanently Closed July 2022

Charlie's Live Entertainment, Los Angeles, California (LA)

Charlotte's Cabaret, Tampa, Florida (Central)

Chase Lounge, Dover, DelawarePermanently closed Nov 2019 

Cheater's Cabaret, Cocoa Beach, Florida (Central)

Cheetah, now Thee Southern Belle, Daytona Beach, Florida (North) (Since Feb 2022)

Cheetah Gentlemen's Club, Pensacola, Florida (North)

(The) Cheetah Lounge, Atlanta, Georgia

Cheetahs, Hollywood, California (LA)

Cheetahs, Phoenix, Arizona

Cheetahs Gentlemen's Club, San Diego, California

Cheetahs Gentlemen's Club, Sunnyvale, California

(The) Cherry, now Scores, Huntsville, Alabama (since July 2019)

Chicas (Latin) Cabaret, Phoenix, Arizona

Chicas Gentlemen's Club, Tampa, Florida (Central)

(CC) Chocolate City Cabaret, Tampa, Florida (Central)

Christies Cabaret, Glendale, Arizona

Christies Cabaret, Phoenix, Arizona

Christie's Cabaret, Tempe, Arizona

Christie's Cabaret, Tucson, Arizona

(Bourbon St) Circus, Phoenix, Arizona

City Lights, Fresno, California

City Limits Showgirls, Marysville, California

Class Act Showbar, Tampa, Florida (Central)

Cleo's, Orlando, Florida (Central)

Clermont Lounge, Atlanta, Georgia

Cloakroom, North West Washington, DC

Club 10 Gentlemen's Club, Fort Walton Beach, Florida (North)

Club 91, Pocatello, Idaho

Club 215, Colton, California

Club 939, Honolulu, Hawaii

Club 7557, Van Nuys, California (LA)

Club Babes, Atlanta, Georgia

Club Blaze, Conley, Georgia

Club Blossom, Waipahu, Hawaii

Club Burlesque, North Hollywood, California (LA)

(Fabulous) Tip Top Club & Club Expression, Eureka, California 

Club Femme Nu, Honolulu, Hawaii

Club Fantasy now 851 RichardsSacramento, California

Club Fetish, Columbus, Georgia

Club Platinum, Atlanta, Georgia

Club Hot Ash, Pearl City, Hawaii

Club Lust, now Omnia Blue (since Feb 2021) St. Petersburg, Florida (Central)

Club Rock-Za, Honolulu, Hawaii

Club SinRock, Anchorage, Alaska

Club SinRock, Fairbanks, Alaska

Club Sun, Honolulu, Hawaii

Club Sundance, Honolulu, Hawaii

Club US, Wahiawa, Hawaii

Club Volcano, Birmingham, Alabama

Club Wax, Atlanta, Georgia

Club X (aka Club Xavier), Macon, Georgia

Club X, Denver, Colorado

Club Xavier (aka Club X), Macon, Georgia

Cocktails Showbar & Lounge, Jacksonville, Florida (North)

Commotion, LaGrange, Georgia

Condor, San Francisco, California

(Ladies en) Confidente, Denver, Colorado

Cookies-n-Cream, now Pink Slip Exotic Club (since Nov 2021)Theodore, Alabama

Coyote Cabaret, Glendale, Arizona

Crazy Girls, Hollywood, California (LA)

Crazy Girls Cabaret, Phoenix, Arizona

Crazy Horse Gentlemen's Club, Orlando, Florida (Central)

Crazy Horse Gentlemen's Club, San Francisco, California

Crazy Horse Saloon, Anchorage, Alaska

Crystal Blue Café, Willimantic, Connecticut

Curves Cabaret, Tucson, Arizona

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