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12th August 2019

22nd December 2022


The Gentlemen's Club Expo is a 4-day long event, usually held in August in Las Vegas, and is the only national (USA) convention and tradeshow for the Adult Nightclub Industry.

There are 100+ booths set up for people providing products or services to the Industry, and this includes feature performers and/or their agencies. There are also seminars held at periodic times throughout the Expo, for employees, managers and owners of strip clubs to improve their knowledge and expertise.

Throughout the evenings there are various activities including an opening night party and closing night feature showcase party. During the main nights, the ED (Exotic Dancer) Awards are held. The ED Awards have been part of the Expo since 1998, and are the equivalent of the Oscars for the strip club industry. Entertainers have to pass regional events held prior to this, known as the Exotic Dancer Invitationals (EDI's).

2023 Arrangements

The next ED Expo is scheduled to take place 20th - 23rd of August 2023, at the Paris Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Further details, when available, can be obtained from The ED Expo Website

The EDI's

The EDI West Competiton is to be held from 19th - 21st April 2022, in Dallas TX, at Bucks Cabaret & Bucks Wild:

EDI West Competition 2023

The EDI East Competiton is to be held from 24th - 226th May 2022, in Huntsville & Madison AL, at The Pony Clubs:

EDI East 2023

2022 Arrangements

The 2022 ED Expo took place from Sunday 14th to Wednesday 17th August 2022, at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The EDI's

Following the 2022 regional EDI's (Exotic Dancer Invitationals), the finals were held on Sunday 14th August at Deja Vu Showgirls, Las Vegas NV.

More details about the EDI's can be found at: The EDI's

Current & Previous Overall EDI Champion
(Previously known as Feature Entertainer of the Year)

2022 - Shar Zayn

See the (almost complete) ED Awards results for 2022 - as they are still filtering through - here.

2021 - Shar Zayn

See the full ED Awards results for 2021 here.

There was no ED Awards held in 2020 due to the Corona virus pandemic.

2019 - Bellzora

See the full ED Awards results for 2019 here.

2018 - Natasha Nova

See the full ED Awards results for 2018 here.

2017 - Angela Sommers

See the full ED Awards results for 2017 here.


The Expo and the Awards are organized by ED Publications. Established in 1991, they are the leading business to business "hub" of the Adult nightclub industry. Besides running and organizing the annual Expo mentioned above, their two flagship publications are:

Exotic Dancer (bimonthly magazine for the exotic dancing Industry); and

StorErotica (bimonthly magazine for adult boutiques and stores).

Website: Exotic Dancer

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