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Aug 09, 2022

Quoted: The G-Spot is Looking Up

"For women the best aphrodisiacs are words. The G-spot is in the ears. He who looks for it below there is wasting his time."

- Isabel Angelica Allende Llona (Isabel Allende), modern-day American-Chilean writer and best-selling author. Peruse her large collection of work on Amazon by clicking on the “continue reading” link.

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Aug 08, 2022

XTC Atlanta - Fire

There was a fire yesterday (Sunday 7th August) at XTC Live Girls at 2159 Piedmont Road (North East), Atlanta, Georgia 30324. Multiple fire crews responded to the fire, reported at around 10.40 am, finding smoke billowing from the roof of the 2-story building. The blaze was under control within 45 minutes of firefighters attending the scene and fortunately, no one was found inside and no injuries have been reported.

You can see a brief report and video images by WXIA-TV by clicking on the "continue reading" link.

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Aug 08, 2022

Joke: Beat the Heat

It’s another hot day, so I’ve taken off all my clothes and opened up the windows. I’m feeling nicely chilled now, although the rest of the people on the bus seem less comfortable.

Aug 06, 2022

Sexy Facts: A Caffeinated Sex Boost?

Those who drink coffee are aware of the energy buzz it can bring. Many people who exercise can see an improved level of performance by taking caffeine 30 minutes beforehand. However, can a cup of Joe boost your libido? Check out these scientific views…

A 2005 study by scientists Guarraci and Benson showed coffee may increase sexual motivation. It was found female rats with a moderate (15 mg/kg) dose of caffeine returned more quickly to a mating partner (for another session of hanky panky) than those without any caffeine. Now, rats are different from humans, and when it comes to mating the female rodent is always the one in control of the process, although judging by some observations of humans we may not be all that different! This research does indicate coffee may increase the sex drive of females – although regular drinkers of coffee may not notice any difference, an occasional coffee here and there might give a libido boost.

Another piece of research from the University of Texas, published in the multidisciplinary scientific journal PLOS ONE, found males who drink 2-4 cups of coffee (circa 80 – 300 milligrams of caffeine) a day have less difficulty in getting an erection. It seems they are around 40% less likely to exhibit symptoms of erectile dysfunction, compared to males who abstain from sipping the juice of the coffee bean. This is an important study on understanding the impact of caffeine and blood flow.

So, it seems coffee could just help in perking you up, in more ways than one! I know the best mornings include coffee and orgasms – and if a little latte lovemaking, some mocha moaning, or an erotic expresso helps to catch some caffeinated carnal pleasure I’m all in favor of playing with that bean – it’s just the jovial java thing.

Aug 05, 2022

Joke: Tongue Twister Riddle

Dildos are great, vibrators are fun, but nothing can beat the mighty tongue.

Aug 04, 2022

Do You Wanna touch Me?

You're probably aware of the Stormy Daniels strip club arrest from a few years ago. As a recap: back in July 2018, feature entertainer Stormy Daniels (famous for an alleged affair with Donald Trump) was arrested at Sirens Gentlemen's club in Columbus Ohia. This was when 3 undercover police officers encountered her illegally touching patrons (apparently) during a performance. Now, some of you are thinking this must have been some sort of explicit sexual touching that was being enacted. But, no.

The laws for strip clubs vary from town to town, county to county, and state to state. In some places, entertainers are not permitted within 6 feet of patrons when on stage and are not allowed to display genitalia or nipples, whereas in other places they can be completely nude and carry out full friction contact. Well, in Ohio they have a 2007 law that says... patrons are prohibited from touching nude or seminude strippers on the premises of a sexually oriented business.

Although there is some debate as to whether the undercover officers touched Miss Daniels, or she touched them (including motorboating one of them), the charges were dismissed, and Miss Daniels received an out-of-court settlement accordingly. Why was this case dismissed?

Under that 2007 (poorly written?) Ohio law there are several interesting clauses. One, which relates to the Stormy Daniels fiasco, states that this refers to strippers who "regularly" appear at the establishment. Oops, as a visiting feature, Miss Daniels does not "regularly" appear there. So, the law does not apply to her. You might expect law enforcement officers to be very familiar with the laws they are enforcing, although experience often demonstrates the police are very poorly informed of the laws they have pledged to uphold.

The second clause, and the real reason for this blog post, is that this law also precludes "family members." This means the nearest and dearest relatives of strippers can touch them. How odd and perhaps disconcerting but, it sort of makes sense, I guess. Clearly touching a stripper is a legally precarious situation, depending on where you are, who they are, and how well you know them!

Aug 04, 2022

Quote: Shake Your Money Maker

“Shake your hive while the honey is hot.”

- Jonny Ox, a modern-day writer of poetic musings on Facebook @jonnyox410, & Instagram @jonny_ox.

Aug 03, 2022

Word Up: “Zaftig”

“Zaftig” (aka “Zaftik,” or “Zoftig”), meaning “Juicy” or “succulent”, is a Jewish slang word for a full-figured, plump, or Rubenesque female. It originates from the Yiddish word “Zaft”, meaning “Juice,” or “Sap” (itself coming from the old high-middle German word for sap: “Saf”), and began entering the English language in the 1850s. Its usage in English reached a peak around the 1920s and has slowly declined since, although it remains in Jewish culture today. Here are a few examples of how you might use the word:

“The club was filled with zaftig ladies,”; ”I like a raven-haired zaftig girl,”; or “You’ve never seen such an amazing zaftig stripper on a pole before.”

Aug 02, 2022

Quoted: "You Make my Heart Sing"

“She’s a wild thing, with a soft heart and deep mind.”

– J. Iron Word is the pseudonym of a modern-day American poet who lives in Houston TX and runs an auto-part business. His poetry books are available on Amazon, click on the “continue reading” link to see his work.

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Aug 01, 2022

Joke: Clear View

Pick-Up Line: Do you wash your pants in Windex? Because I can certainly see myself in them.

Jul 30, 2022

Vagina Beauty Pageant - The Finals Tonight

We've just found out that the finals for the Vagina Beauty Pageant (an annual competition), takes place tonight (30th July). Following a month-long set of heats, held around "Portlandia", the conclusion is being held at Guilty Pleasures in Portland OR.

Click on the "continue reading" link to learn more about this competition.

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Jul 30, 2022

Miss Exotic United States Competition

We've just seen that the next Miss Exotic United States competition is being held on the last day of the Exotic Dancer Expo. It will be at The Hustler Club in Las Vegas NV on Wednesday 17th August. More details can be found on our website - click on the "continue reading" link below, to go to our Miss Exotic United States page.

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Jul 30, 2022

In The House Tonight

Details of feature entertainers in Clubs tonight (as house dancers):

Aspen Reign is at the Dixie Rose (7pm - 2am) in Peoria, IL.

Jul 30, 2022

Sexy Facts: Sex with an Ex

Having sex with an “Ex” is not that uncommon – around a third of people do or have done, this. When married couples separate it is not unusual for a quarter of them to still have sex together (from time to time). For around 1 in 8 of us, the last sexual encounter we had was with an “ex”. So, why does this happen?

For many people, sex with an ex is about pleasure, connectivity, familiarity, and missing the intimacy of another person. For some, it can be about keeping options open by maintaining access which may include the possibility of reconciliation. We’re complicated beings and logic versus emotions can certainly play hardball, even for the best of us. Things like horniness, desire, attraction, teasing, flirting, feelings, care, love – it’s a real melting pot and sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it’s bad. However, there is new research coming through, which indicates a particular circumstance where it may be good to have sex with an ex…

Firstly, did you know - there is a defined difference between sex with an ex and break-up sex? The difference is all about timing. According to scientists, there is a 2-week window during which it is considered break-up sex. After this time, it should be thought of as sex with an ex, but why is this differentiation useful?

Speak to most people and they will advise you that having sex with someone you are breaking up with or have recently broken up with, is a bad idea (mostly because it’s perceived as giving the wrong signals). However, a study published in “The Archives of Sexual Behavior” (a journal compiled by the International Academy of Sex research) suggests otherwise. Research indicates that having break-up sex doesn’t harm the process of ending a relationship but aids the healing for moving on – especially for a person feeling “rejected.” The indications are that it helps to provide closure. Thus, break-up sex has a different impact and value, compared to sex with an ex.

You can sign up for the Archives of Sexual Behavior by clicking on the “continue reading” link below.

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Jul 29, 2022

Eva Notty - Tonight's Appearance Canceled

Eva Notty was due to appear tonight (29th July) at Sapphire 39 in Manhan NYC. Unfortunately, due to airplane travel difficulties, she will not be there - although we understand she is rescheduling for the beginning of September.

Jul 29, 2022

Smallest Pole Dancing Club: Spearmint Seagull

Ok, this is not a real club (so budding dancers, no need to submit your resume), but a light-hearted piece of fun at a British seaside bar. It can be found at the Waterside Inn, a public house in Westward Ho, North Devon, UK. Their seaside terrace (Beer garden) uses recycled beach huts as booths for patrons to sit, eat, and drink in. One of these 8 feet-square "booths" has been converted into a mock pole dancing area and it's kitted out accordingly - blue tooth speaker for music, led lighting, zebra print seats, disco glitter ball, mirrors, and of course, a pole.

You can read the full story about "Spearmint Seagull" (including pictures) in an article by the Daily Star, a tabloid newspaper in the UK. click on the "continue reading" link to go see this.

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Jul 29, 2022

Joke: Religious Ass

I get irritated when religious people say anal sex is wrong in their eyes. This is because they are quite right; it’s supposed to be up your ass.

Jul 28, 2022

RCI Purchases Cheetah GC in Hallandale Beach FL

RCI Hospitality Holdings announced today (28th July) that they have bought Cheetah Gentlemen's Club, at 100 Ansin Boulevard, Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009. This now makes 52 strip clubs in their overall strip club portfolio, which includes brands such as Rick's Cabaret, Vivid Cabaret, Jaguars Club, Scarlett's Cabaret, Diamond Cabaret, and PT's Showclub.

Set on 2.2 acres, the 14,000 square-foot remodeled venue joins 3 other RCI clubs in the area: Tootsie's Cabaret in Miami Gardens, Scarlett's Cabaret in Pembroke Park, and Playmates of Coral Gables. Although no changes to the club have been announced we expect they will be even more of a powerhouse in the area under the direction of RCI. Our congratulations, and why not personally celebrate with them - CHeetah GC in Hallandale Beach is open 7 days a week, 11.30am - 6am.

No changes have been announced.

Jul 28, 2022

Quoted: "Oh God"

"The only thing wrong with being an atheist is that there's nobody to talk to during an orgasm."

- Unknown

Jul 27, 2022

In The House Today

Details of feature entertainers in Clubs today (as house dancers):

Aspen Reign is at the Dixie Rose (3pm - 7pm) in Peoria, IL.

Jul 27, 2022

Word Up: “Deep Sea Diving”

“Deep Sea Diving” is a slang term for having oral sex with a female i.e., cunnilingus. Its origins are unknown, but one myth is that the person performing cunnilingus gets so engrossed in the activity that their head enters the vagina entirely (giving the impression that they’re wearing a deep-sea diver’s helmet). A further theory is the phrase is a slightly shortened version of a very similar slang term, “Deep Sea Muff Diving.” Just as the deeper the water, the wetter you get, so when performing cunnilingus there is an expectation for the recipient to get wetter and wetter. Indeed, an expert person enacting oral sex may expect to get wet too, with female cum or squirting in a vast wave, just like the ocean. I can hear it now, “Mop up on aisle six required.”

Interestingly, another slang term “Deep Sea Dive” (as opposed to Deep Sea Diving) reverses the roles. This is when fellatio (oral sex on a male) is being performed and the recipient pinches the nose of the person performing the act. This makes them gasp for air through their mouth and gulp in the penis instead – causing them to choke (unless they are a renowned “throat goat” with little or no gag reflex).

Jul 26, 2022

Fire at Showgirls, Louisville

Yesterday morning (5.45am, Monday 25th July) fire crews were called out to a blaze at Showgirls on 3423 Taylor Boulevard, Louisville, Kentucky 40215. According to one report, 6 patrons were inside, and unaware of the fire, but were led to safety. The cause of the fire is not yet known.

Click on the "continue reading" link to go to a YouTube clip from the local news station "WLKY."

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Jul 26, 2022

Funny Strip Club Reviews

Michigan radio station WCRZ "Cars 108" recently published an article with funny strip club reviews from their home state. The references to motorboating and dimmed lights made me chuckle, although the numerous bathroom comments were odd. Check out their article by clicking on the "continue reading" link.

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Jul 26, 2022

Quoted: Just a Number Ha-Ha

"Men reach their sexual peak at eighteen. Women reach theirs at thirty-five. Do you get the feeling that God is playing a practical joke?"

- Rita Rudner, American Broadway dancer turned stand-up comedian, playwright, screenwriter, and author.

Jul 25, 2022

Joke: Nerd Pick-Up Line

Are your pants a compressed file? Because I’d love to unzip them.

Jul 24, 2022

In The House Tonight

Details of feature entertainers in Clubs tonight (as house dancers):

Alysia Clarke is at The Pony Too in Madison (Huntsville) AL.

Jul 23, 2022

In The House Tonight

Details of feature entertainers in Clubs tonight (as house dancers):

Alysia Clarke is at The Pony Too in Madison (Huntsville) AL; and

Lucy Skye is at Grand Daddy's in Schofield (Wausau) MI.

Jul 23, 2022

RCI Gain a New Club in Odessa

RCI Hospitality Holdings announced yesterday that they have acquired another adult nightclub. This now brings the total number of clubs in their portfolio to 51.

RCI's new venue, found at 3306 Loop 338, Odessa, Texas, has over the last few years been known as The Catwalk Gentlemen's Club, and the Eden Ultra Lounge. RCI said it will be called PT's Showclub and will join two other RCI Odessa clubs they own - Rick's Cabaret and Jaguars.

We wish RCI every continued success and look forward to hearing of PT's opening (sometime in the not-too-distant future).

Jul 23, 2022

Sexy Facts: Porn Pandemic

According to statistics, traffic to pornography websites increased by over 10% during the recent global Covid pandemic. There was an increased spike in traffic during the first 12 months, but this then subsequently dropped to levels like those before the pandemic. What might be surprising is the range of subject searches also increased, as people sought different types of porn to view. One novel search, with over 1,000 new videos on Pornhub (the largest porn site in the USA), was for coronavirus porn. Now, just in case you’re wondering, these are sex scenes involving performers wearing protective clothing e.g, from masks to full hazmat suits. When you consider that there are seasonal changes in porn searches like Christmas, Valentine’s, etc. then this search for corona porn was perhaps, to have been expected.

Now, if you believe what many commentators say about porn, then this not insignificant increase in watching porn, should have led to increases in violence against women. Even though many restrictions were in place, once they had been rescinded there should have been a frustrated surge of men seeking to do evil deeds to ladies. Clearly, this did not happen and, as many already believe, indicates porn does not incite a desire to violate the female of the species (unless it’s consensual, but that’s another article for another day). Obviously, sexual crimes against females are not something to make light of, but this observation does emphasize the need to find the real root causes and not just jump to conclusions based solely on ill-conceived assumptions (or morals). A positive approach to one’s sex life, which may include pornography and masturbation, is a healthy one.

Jul 22, 2022

In The House Tonight

Details of feature entertainers in Clubs tonight (as house dancers):

Alysia Clarke is at The Pony Too in Madison (Huntsville) AL; and

Lucy Skye is at Grand Daddy's in Schofield (Wausau) MI.

Jul 22, 2022

Joke: Safe Sex?

Condoms don’t always guarantee safe sex. A friend of mine was wearing one when he was shot by the woman’s husband.

Jul 21, 2022

Quoted: Carnal Art

“Of course, I noticed your beautiful skin and the art it created that spoke to my carnal mind. But that was a conversation with my lust.”

– J. M. Storm, modern-day American writer/poet who is a mechanic by trade. Check out his literary work on Amazon by clicking the “continue reading” link.

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Jul 20, 2022

Word Up: “Figging”

Figging is most commonly a BDSM practice and involves taking a piece of ginger root, peeling it, and then inserting it into the anus or vagina. After 2 – 5 minutes of being inserted, it creates a burning sensation, increasing from uncomfortable to extreme heat, and only begins to dissipate after about half an hour. The piece of ginger root can be withdrawn, peeled again, and then reinserted for a repeat of the process. Recipients, with their consent, are often restrained prior to the insertion so as to be unable to remove the ginger themselves. From a practical and aesthetic basis, the piece of ginger is often shaped like a butt plug – go “figure”.

There’s very little-known history in regard to figging. However, the first use of figging is from ancient Greece. Female slaves were restrained and subjected to this process as a punishment. Another piece of history is from Victorian times when spanking and caning females to “keep them in order,” was often considered a norm by males of that era. One practice from this period was to employ figging during this type of punishment. If the female clenched their buttocks to lessen the impact of a blow then the inserted ginger would burn more intensely. This created a “lose-lose” scenario, or a “win-win,” depending on your personal perspective or proclivities.

The modern-day term “figging” is believed to have derived from an old English word “Feague,” which means to decorate or improve in appearance by artificial means. Indeed, “feaguing” (aka “gingering” or “gingering the tail”) was a nefarious trick used by horse traders. They would insert ginger, onion, pepper, or tobacco up a horse’s anus to temporarily make a (old or sickly) horse appear more sprightly than it was - to gain a better-priced sale.

Jul 19, 2022

ED Voting Reminder...

If you haven't already done so, here's a final for the nominated people and places from the world of adult nightclubs that bring enjoyment to your life. Click on the "continue reading" link below to register your votes before closing on 20th July.

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Jul 19, 2022

Quote: A Real Pansexual

“I’ve been to bed with men, women, and odd pieces of furniture.”

– Tallulah Bankhead, American Stage & Screen Actress (1902 – 1968).

Jul 18, 2022

Joke: Full Reversal

I’ve decided on my new career, I’m going to be a backward stripper. I come out on stage naked, and they pay me money to put my clothes back on.

Jul 17, 2022

Voting for Nightmoves Awards

The 30th Annual Nightmoves Fanfest & Awards is being held on 5th - 9th October 2022 in Florida. Details about this are on our website:

In preparation for this, you can vote for your favorite places in the Tampa Bay area, and your national adult film stars and makers. Click on the "continue reading" link below to start voting.

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Jul 16, 2022

Sexy Facts: Some Love Before I Come

The clear fluid that seeps out of the penis during sexual excitement, and prior to ejaculation, is called “pre-ejaculate,” or colloquially “pre-cum”. The fluid originates from the Cowper’s glands (not the testes where sperm is made, although it may contain some sperm) and is believed to act as a lubricant and ph balancer. The amount of pre-cum produced varies from person to person, from almost nothing to as much as a teaspoon (5ml), although an average amount would be around a fifth of a teaspoon (1ml). In a rather novel description, Medieval writers referred to pre-cum as, “The distillate of love.”

Jul 15, 2022

Joke: Big is Best

A new study has revealed that women with big breasts are smarter than women with small breasts. Though to be fair, the man conducting the survey admits he wasn’t really listening.

Jul 14, 2022

Quote: Religion Has it's Uses

"I thank God I was raised Catholic, so sex will always be dirty."

- John Samuel Waters Jnr, modern-day actor, filmmaker, writer, and artist. Amongst his body of work, he is perhaps best known for writing & directing the 1988 comedy film (and subsequent Broadway musical) “Hairspray.”

Jul 13, 2022

In The House Tonight

Details of feature entertainers in Clubs tonight (as house dancers):

Claire Fae is at Omar's Showbar in Lansing MI.

Jul 13, 2022

Word Up: “Bijin-ga”

This is a Japanese phrase comprised of three words - “Bi” (meaning “beautiful”), “Jin” (meaning “person”), and “Ga” (meaning “picture”) – which translates as “Picture of a beautiful person.” It is a general term used in Japanese art to describe images of beautiful people (both internally and externally) but more especially, pictures of females…due to its history.

The “Edo” period of Japan (1603 – 1868) was a peaceful time in the island’s history and created great prosperity, in which its culture (including art) could truly blossom. Besides painting on scrolls the medium of woodblock printing grew and became known as the “Ukiyo-e” genre (“pictures of the floating world”). It concentrated on the fleeting fashion of the time (the French term “Depeche mode” has a similar meaning) and was used to promote fashion as a marketing tool. Bijin-ga developed as a sub-genre of Ukiyo-e, first to spotlight celebrities and actors, then to promote courtesans and geishas, followed by prostitutes and brothels (frequently with their names on them) – basically becoming advertising posters/flyers.

The “Meiji” Period of Japan (1838 – 1912) brought about massive industrialization and state reforms, including the “Five Charter Oath” of 1868 – one of which was “Evil customs of the past shall be broken off and everything based upon the just laws of nature.” These stringent times saw Bijin-ga art depicting prostitutes, and mentioning them by name, banned under these reforms. The first half of the 1900s brought about a renaissance, under the “Shin Hanga” art movement, for a new form of bijin-ga. These images of beautiful self-confident females had shed off the shackles of negativity from the past and are what is often found in Japanese art today.

Jul 12, 2022

In The House Tonight

Details of feature entertainers in Clubs tonight (as house dancers):

Claire Fae is at Omar's Showbar in Lansing MI.

Jul 12, 2022

Quote: Summer Trial

“Bathing suit weather is coming, or what I like to call it: The summer judgement of my winter sins.”

- Jonny Ox, a modern-day writer of poetic musings on Facebook @jonnyox410, & Instagram @jonny_ox.

Jul 11, 2022

Joke: POV

Cleavage is the only thing you can look down on and approve of at the same time.

Jul 10, 2022

Strip Club Owner Arrested Over 150 Times...

The owner of the strip club "Mons Venus" in Tampa Fl has been arrested over 150 times. The notable Joe Redner, now 82, has a long history of fighting with the local councils across many decades in keeping his club up and running. Today these previous difficulties are hopefully mostly behind him, and he recently chatted with the Tampa Bay Times about what he's up to now. Read the press article by clicking on the "continue reading" link below.

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Jul 10, 2022

9th Annual NYC Bodypainting Day - 24th July

To celebrate National Bodypainting Day (8th July), the Human Connection Arts HCA) group holds a public bodypainting demonstration and display. This year, their 9th celebration, 60 nude models will be painted and turned into living works of art at Union Square Park in Manhattan (NYC) from 12pm to 4pm. Go give you support to not just an artistic endeavor but a voice to freedom and nudity.

More details can be found on the HCA website - click the "continue reading" link below to go there.

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Jul 09, 2022

Late News: 2nd Heat of Vagina Pageant Tonight

Still no advanced schedule announced for this month-long event available but...

The 2nd heat for this competition is being held tonight (Saturday 9th July) at Cheetah's in Salem OR at 9pm.

Click on the "continue reading" link below to find out more about this competition.

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Jul 09, 2022

In The House Tonight - Update

Details of feature entertainers in Clubs tonight (as house dancers):

Aspen Reign is at the Dixie Rose (7pm - 2am) in Peoria IL;

Bella Time is at Scarlett's Cabaret in Westlake (Sulphur) LA; and

Claire Fae is at Omar's Showbar in Lansing MI.

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