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Oct 06, 2022

Quoted: Drunken Soul

“She won’t just get your mind tipsy she will intoxicate your soul.”

– Joseph Colombrita, modern-day poet from New Jersey. Check out his book “Imagine” available on Amazon by clicking on the “continue reading” link.

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Oct 05, 2022

Word Up: “Yoco”

“Yoco” is (internet) slang, used as an abbreviation for, “You're Only Cute Online”. This is used in reference to people who carry out extreme editing of their online photographs to look more beautiful and attractive than they are in real life. Although this is the most popular use of the term “Yoco”, some people are known to use it as an abbreviation for “You only care once,” or “You only camp once.”

“Yoco” is not to be confused with “Yoko,” which is Japanese for “Child.” It is also the first name of celebrity “Yoko Ono,” a Japanese artist, songwriter, and peace activist, who married The Beatles band member John Lennon in 1969 until his murder in 1980 (although they had been separated for some time).

Oct 04, 2022

Quoted: Pornography Vs. Erotica

"The difference between pornography and erotica is lighting."

- Gale Sandra Klinetsky aka Gloria Leonard, 1970s American adult film star (credited with pioneering Sex Phone Lines), publisher of “High Society” magazine, Feminist, and Free Speech advocate (1940 – 2014).

Oct 03, 2022

Crazy Horse Nashville Permanently Closes

Pure Gold's Crazy Horse, at 300 McCann Street, Nashville, Tennessee closed its doors for good on Saturday 1st October. They opened in 2006 and had 16 fun years, they will be missed.

Oct 03, 2022

Joke: Be Circumspect

Pro Tip: Never have a cheap circumcision, it’s just a rip-off.

Oct 01, 2022

Sexy Facts: The A-Spot

Most people are very familiar with the C-spot (clitoris), and perhaps the G-spot (named after physician Ernst Grafenberg) - both powerful female erogenous zones (you can readily read up on these “hot spots” online). However, a lesser known but just as sexually responsive area is the “Anterior fornix,” aka the “Female degenerated prostate,” - although the colloquial term “A-spot” is much easier on the tongue. So, where is the A-spot located?

The A-spot is inside the vagina, at the end of the vaginal tube, above the cervix, and below the bladder. If this sounds complicated – and medical terminology often is to most people – then here’s our description. When a partner inserts a finger (or more) into a vagina it is usually with the fingernail facing down and the finger pad facing up. With the finger inserted, if you were then to perform a “come hither” motion, the finger pad should touch the “roof” (aka “front wall”) of the vagina. If you touch the front wall, about 2 inches inside of the vagina, then this proves a good starting point for G-spot stimulation. No, we haven’t made a typo, we’re coming (pun intended) to the A-spot next. The A-spot is actually located along the same line as the G-spot, the difference being that it’s about 4 inches inside, along the “roof” of the vagina. This means it’s unlikely to be stimulated by a finger (frequently too far to reach) and, vaginal penetration with a penis or dildo is much more likely to hit the spot!

The A-spot can however prove to be elusive. So, here are a few points to bear in mind, while on this (maiden) voyage of discovery:

1. The A-spot consists of the same sponge-like erectile tissue as the C-spot and G-spot, which becomes engorged with blood when aroused. The A-spot might not respond to stimulation unless aroused, therefore plenty of foreplay is important.

2. When it comes to penis in vagina sex, the size of a vagina varies from individual to individual, as does the size of a penis. This means mismatching often occurs between partners. Some females need a longer penis to be able to reach their A-spot while for others it can end up with their cervix being uncomfortably or painfully pounded, and A-spot stimulation remaining a distant objective on the horizon. Communicate, communicate, communicate, and don’t be disappointed if your seemingly mismatched sizes make A-spot stimulation difficult, as there are other possibilities.

3. A well-known and useful sexual position for A-spot stimulation is doggy-style. Experiment with positioning, especially with the angle of the female posterior being presented e.g., head down, ass up!

4. An 8-inch+ long (to aid external grip), and slightly curved, dildo often proves very satisfactory in finding the right spot.

5. When the A-spot is stimulated rapid vagina discharge (getting wet) is often reported and may even provide earth-shattering orgasms – both of which are likely to be more noticeable than “usual.”

Sep 30, 2022

Fringe Pole Contest - Postponed

The Pole Contest, scheduled for tonight (30th September) at the Fringe in Morristown NJ has been postponed. A new date will be announced in due course.

Sep 30, 2022

Joke: A Place to Rest

Callous Pick-Up Line: Just broken up with your BF? Let me know if you need a shoulder to put your legs on.

Sep 30, 2022

The Industrial Loft - Opening Postponed

The Industrial Loft (previously the "Harem") at 1002 Coliseum Boulevard (North), Fort Wayne, Indiana 46805 was due to open tonight (30th September). Unfortunately, their grand opening weekend had been delayed, and we'll have to be patient and wait for another date to be announced in the not-too-soon future.

Sep 29, 2022

Adult Halloween Experience - Portland OR

Missed for the last 2 years due to the pandemic, the annual Halloween Experience is back in Portland, Oregon. With thousands of visitors expected, this event is a mixture of scary, sexy, and parody. This year's theme is "RIP City," an urban decay group of walk-through sets, with interactive fun (including spirit sampling from Shine Distillery).

Previously held as Spyce Gentlemen's Club, this year see a change of venue to Guilty Pleasures (and starts at a tent/marquee entrance outside the club. This "Experience" run 13th - 15th, 20th - 22nd, and 27th - 31st of October from 10pm - 2am each day.

Sep 29, 2022

Quoted: Excited Souls

“If you can’t excite my soul, you can’t excite my body.”

– J. Iron Word is the pseudonym of a modern-day American poet who lives in Houston TX and runs an auto-part business. His poetry books are available on Amazon, click on the “continue reading” link to see his work.

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Sep 28, 2022

Word Up: “Fluffy”

In colloquial parlance, a “Fluffy” is when a male is having sex with a partner (who is usually on top and in the cowgirl position), and they fart on the male’s balls (causing their pubic hair to be ruffled by the air current created). Although this is normally an accidental occurrence, if it brings additional pleasure there is no reason why it couldn’t be a pre-programmed activity. The partner partaking of food (or drink) like curry or chili beforehand may help in producing this “fluffy” experience to order! Although, be advised, straining to create these happy “bottom burps” may result in a different accident to occur (unless coprophilia – a fetish for feces – is also part of your sexual repertoire).

Sep 27, 2022

Quoted: Pornography Defined

"Pornography: That which excites, whether from approval or disapproval."

- Leonard Rossiter, English actor of stage, TV, and film, best known for his comedy roles in the 1970s TV shows: “Rising Damp,” & “The Fall & Rise of Reginald Perrin” (1926 – 1984).

Sep 26, 2022

Kitten Natividad Dies Age 74

Adult film actress and exotic dancer Kitten Natividad died on Saturday 24th September 2022 at Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles CA (cause has not been announced). She was best known for her busty charms in the Russ Meyer-directed films “Up!” (1976), and “Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens” (1979), becoming a pop culture icon in the process. She was the romantic partner of Meyer (1922 – 2004), known for his sexploitation films, for 15 years. Her 60+ acting credits included the 1983 sex comedy movie “My Tutor,” the 1984 coming-of-age comedy-drama “The Wild Life,” the 1990 cop movie “Another 48 hours,” and the 2001 comedy “The Double-D Avenger.”

Born Francesca Isabel Natividad, on 13th February 1948, she was originally from Ciudad Jaurez in Mexico. At age 10 she moved to El Paso TX when her mother married an American. In 1969, at age 21 Kitten had breast implants, creating a 44-inch bust. Besides her acting career, other jobs included go-go dancing (best known for dancing to Bobby Darin’s “Splish, Splash,” while in a giant champagne glass), glamour modeling, some pornographic film work, and appearing on TV game shows (like “The Dating Game,” “The Gong Show,” and “The $1.98 Beauty Show”). She also appeared in the 1980 music video “where you were Mine” (by Mitch Ryder and written by Prince) and provided striptease entertainment in 1985 for actor Sean Penn’s bachelor party (before his marriage to music icon Madonna).

Sep 26, 2022

Joke: Hit That F5 Button

Nerd Pick-Up Line: You must be sitting on an F5 key because that ass is refreshing.

Sep 24, 2022

Sexy Facts: 50 Shades of Genitalia

If you haven’t already noticed, the skin around your genitalia is darker than elsewhere on your body. This is perfectly normal and is a gradual process of darkening with age. If there is a rapid change in color, this could indicate a health issue and you should seek professional medical attention. So why is genital skin darker?

Specific cells called melanocytes are responsible for producing a natural pigment in the body called melanin (derived from the ancient Greek word “Melas” meaning black or dark). The amount of this dark brown/black pigment determines your hair, eye, and skin color. It is also responsible for protecting the body against the sun’s UV radiation by turning your skin darker aka a “Suntan.” Genetically speaking, this is the reason for Scandinavians (who are exposed to less sun) to be blonde/red heads with blue/green eyes & white skin, while Africans (who are exposed to more sun) to have raven-colored hair with brown eyes & brown skin. However, hormones like estrogen (in females) and testosterone (in males) can also determine the number of melanocytes found in the skin, and their activity levels in producing melanin. The skin in your genital region is particularly sensitive to hormonal changes and thus goes darker, particularly with major hormonal events like puberty, pregnancy, menopause, and aging.

There is another reason for darker skin in the genital region too. It can be caused by hyperpigmentation, where the melanocytes produce more melanin than usual, and this can be prompted by friction! Yes, this does include sexual intercourse, but it is mostly from everyday actions like walking – and by wearing clothing in this area (which is usually most of the time) that exacerbates this further.

While this darker shading in the genital area is normal and natural, there are some who do not like it (aesthetically speaking), which has given rise to the cosmetic procedure called genital (and anal) bleaching. Contrary to the terminology, it does not involve bleach but creams, chemical peels, and/or laser treatment, and is only carried out on the external skin (and not inside any orifices). It is generally very effective, but requires regular repeat treatments, and can be an expense not everyone can afford (or is willing to pay). Slower working, off-the-shelf, home treatments may be purchased, and are often referred to as “intimate whitening/lightening creams/gels”. Alternatively, you might like to try a natural homemade remedy…

Blend a tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel and a tablespoon of cucumber together, then mix in a tablespoon of yogurt. Clean the area in question to be whitened and apply this mask to the skin for 15 minutes, then rinse off. Not only will this gradually lighten the skin, but it will nourish, moisturize, and keep unwanted odors at bay too. You can do this once or twice a week, or even daily if speedier results are desired.

Sep 23, 2022

Joke: "My Girl Lollipop"

Her: “I didn’t shave”.

Me: “Relax, I used to eat lollipops off of the carpet.”

Sep 22, 2022

Rebel Dolls Cabaret - Grand Opening Weekend

What was the "VIP Show Club" has now transformed into the Rebel Dolls Cabaret. They have a grand opening weekend beginning tonight (Thursday 22nd September 2022). Open 7-days a week, from 8pm to 3am, you can find Rebel Dolls at 904 Western Avenue (South), Marion, Indiana 46953.

Click on the "continue reading" to go to our website for more details on this, and other new strip clubs.

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Sep 22, 2022

Quoted: Whispered Seduction

“She whispered paintings into my ear and now I live in a gallery of seduction.”

- Jonny Ox, a modern-day writer of poetic musings on Facebook @jonnyox410, & Instagram @jonny_ox.

Sep 21, 2022

Word Up: “Oculophilia” & “Oculolinctus”

Some people like boobs, some butts, still other legs…and more besides. This is called partialism, and whilst the aforementioned are quite common aspects people like about others, there are a whole host of lesser-known preferences people have for specific parts of the body. Oculophilia comes from two Latin words – “Oculus” meaning “eye, and “Philia” meaning “love” – and thus is used to describe the love of eyes (or eye fetishism). If you look at the stunning eyes of adult film star Sophie Dee, then this becomes more than understandable. What sexually arouses an oculophiliac will vary from person to person, it could be eye color, eye shape, make-up used around the eye, the use of spectacles, to attributes like winking, batting eyelids, or even irregularities like squinting. The list is endless, it really is a case of beauty being in the “eye” of the beholder.

Oculolinctus is a step further into the world of eye fetishism. Colloquially it is known as “worming” and in Japan, it is called “eye licking play.” Yes, Oculolinctus (in Latin “Linctus,” means “licked”) is being aroused from licking your partner's eyeball and/or having your eyeball licked. In 2013 there was viral world press coverage for a story about teenagers in Japan facing a massive increase in eye complaints (like pink eye) because of eye licking amongst intimates. As it happens it was a hoax and was possibly an unintended stunt that brought interest to a music video. Japanese band “Born” made a video for their 2013 single “Spiral Lie” which depicts an act of Oculolinctus – you can see this on YouTube by clicking on the “continue reading” link below.

This 2013 hoax led some people to think Oculolinctus is a joke and is untrue. However, the practice of Oculolinctus existed before 2013 – just search for eye licking on YouTube and there are videos dating to at least 2010 (and is certainly not restricted to people only from Asia). Just how far back this goes is unknown, it could be a modern-day phenomenon, as we haven’t discovered any information about Oculolinctus before the new millennium.

Eyeball play is not without risks, you would be introducing enzymes from your saliva plus microorganisms including bacteria from your tongue into someone’s eye. So, there is a strong possibility of causing infections like conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) and Styes, not to mention transferring STIs like herpes & chlamydia. The surface of the tongue is also coated with rough ridges, and this can cause things like corneal scratching, and in extreme cases, cancer and blindness. All medical advice would be to avoid “eye licking play.” You could say, “The ayes have it.”

“The eye is the jewel of the body.” – Henry David Thoreau, American naturalist, writer, & philosopher (1817 – 1862).

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Sep 20, 2022

Quoted: Favorite Parts of You

“My favorite parts of you cannot be seen, they are where your mind thinks and your heart loves.”

– J. Iron Word is the pseudonym of a modern-day American poet who lives in Houston TX and runs an auto-part business. His poetry books are available on Amazon, click on the “continue reading” link to see his work.

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Sep 19, 2022

Joke: Ahead in Soccer

I haven't noticed any female soccer players spitting on the pitch. I guess they all swallow.

Sep 17, 2022

Sexy Facts: Sex Bug

Male spiders (from 3 specific taxonomic family groups) will wrap up prey in silk, as an offering to a female spider. Known as a “Nuptial Gift,” it’s used to increase their chances of mating with her - 15% chance without a gift vs. 90% chance with a gift. It’s offered during courtship, and if she takes it, the male starts mating with her while she is occupied with the gift.

However, it has been noted by scientists that up to 40% of the time male spiders will wrap up any old piece of trash they can find (such as the exoskeletal remains of prey they have already eaten), hoping the female won’t notice until after he has finished the dirty deed. They are also prone to using more silk than necessary, making small gifts look bigger. Although don’t think the males are the only ones to try and cheat in this process, females will sometimes run away with the gift before the male gets a chance to mate with her. Besides lengthening copulation time it’s believed the males wrap the prey up in silk because it provides them with a much stronger grip to hold onto, making it harder for females to run off with the gift. Around 5% of females will even eat their prospective mate before copulating (which is much more likely if they aren’t bearing a gift), or after copulating (especially if the gift was small or fake). We can’t help but think this sounds all too much like some human relationships we know of!

One additional (and fascinating) trait has been observed only with “Pisaura mirabilis”, aka the “Nursery Web” spider. The males will sometimes play dead after mating but still cling to the gift. In this way, the female will drag them and the gift off to a safe place to eat her prize. Once there, the male will revive and mate with her again. Now that’s a real 2-4-1 bargain.

This form of courtship involving nuptial gifts is rare in the animal kingdom, but it’s not unique to these spiders either. Some insects such as certain flies, crickets, beetles, moths, and butterflies use a similar approach. One of particular note is the “Zeus Bug” (Phoreticovelia disparate), a semi-aquatic tropical insect found in Queensland, Australia. This has a role reversal where the female secrets a wax-like food substance from the top of her head when fertile. This encourages a male (half the size of the female) to mount her from behind where he comfortably nestles, eating and copulating. This lasts for several days and sometimes for up to a week. That sounds like nice work, if you can get it!

Sep 16, 2022

Jaguars Abilene Reopens

Jaguars have been remodeled and reopens tonight. Go check them out at 126 Access Road (South), Abilene, Texas 79606. There's free food, champagne specials, and a special guest too.

USA Strip Club events like this are listed on our website - click on the "continue reading" link to go there.

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Sep 16, 2022

Joke: Naked Screams

I’m always worried about when a woman sees me naked for the first time. I’m concerned she’s going to scream and run out of the park.

Sep 15, 2022

Quoted" Moderation be Damned

“I’m the foe of moderation, the champion of excess.”

– Tallulah Bankhead, American Stage & Screen Actress (1902 – 1968).

Sep 14, 2022

Word Up: “Basorexia”

Basorexia is the overwhelming urge to kiss someone. This could be on a romantic date, and you just hope they fill the same way too. It may already be a lover, and you have a sexual erotic desire to arouse them with kisses. Basorexia shouldn’t surprise us, as kissing can be quite addictive. Besides reducing anxiety and helping to keep a healthy blood pressure, it releases chemicals in the brain which promote bonding and feelings of happiness. Plus, kissing is very sensual…

The lips of your mouth are not as sensitive as a clitoris or penis, but they are more sensitive than the tips of your fingers. This is because they are connected to 5 cranial nerves which give direct feedback to the brain, making your lips a powerful erogenous zone. Connected to the sensory part of the buccal nerve, there is a particularly responsive area to touch, around the border of the lips, which means there is significant stimulation for both the giver and receiver of kisses. Kissing is important and not to be overlooked in regard to foreplay, something the ancient people of West Asia knew about.

Many people have heard of the “Kama Sutra” – an ancient Indian manuscript written in Sanskrit – which they believe is a manual of sexual positions. The reality is that this 4,000-year-old book is mostly about the philosophy of love, which happens to include a section on, “maintaining one’s love life.” With this in mind, it may not come as too much of a surprise, to find the Kama Sutra has over 250 references to kissing, including when to kiss, how to kiss, and the different types of kisses there are. Kissing is clearly an art form to be mastered, and lips are the canvas to be used for a magnificent work of foreplay. Slow, passionate, ardent, moist, wet, hot, licking, sucking, nibbling, biting – make every move count to conquer those luscious lips of the mighty mouth.

Sep 13, 2022

Quoted: Sex Authority

"When authorities warn you of the sinfulness of sex, there is an important lesson to be learned. Do not have sex with the authorities."

– Matthew (Matt) Abram Groening, modern-day American animator, cartoonist, producer, & writer, Best known as the creator of the TV Show “The Simpsons.”

Sep 12, 2022

Joke: Tongue Tied

Did you hear about the dyslexic guy who walked into a bra? It was renowned for its warmth and hospitality, and he was glad to feel so cosseted by the bramaid.

Sep 10, 2022

Sexy Facts: Strippers & Tattoos

Around 150 million Americans (circa 46% of the population) have tattoos, which is similar in percentage to other top tattooed countries like Italy (48%), Sweden (47%), and Australia (44%). The US does have over 20,000 tattoo parlors (with another one being added to this number daily), and spends around $1.65 billion on tattooing each year, making Americans the world’s biggest consumers of tattoos. Interestingly, this is a growth of at least 20% compared with a decade ago! Did you know? You’re likely to find the most tattooed people in Miami FL, Las Vegas NV, and Flint MI. You’re also likely to see more females with tattoos (60%), as opposed to males (40%). Many people who possess tattoos have 1 or 2, although around 10% of the population have 6 or more tattoos, putting the overall average at around 4 tats per tattooed person.

Head into a strip club and you’d be hard-pressed not to find tattoos on many of the performers, in fact in some places you’d find it hard to see a dancer without a tattoo. Why is this? First up, is an obvious one. When clothed not all tattoos are visible, so the fewer clothes worn, the greater the number of tats there are on display. Secondly, people in non-traditional forms of employment tend to have tattoos because they have the societal freedom to do so (interestingly up to 60% of people, with visible tattoos, will be turned down for a traditional job). Thirdly, tattoos are unique – if not in design, then in location on the body – and this makes an individual readily identifiable and able to stand out in a crowd. This is a useful device for a strip tease artist, who wants customers to be able to find them time and time again. There are also some psychological advantages too…

People with tattoos are considered to be more adventurous and greater risk takers (even if it’s not true). It is for this reason, as discovered in scientific studies, that men are 20% more likely to approach a woman with a tattoo because they are seen as more open and friendly. There is also a belief that people with tattoos are more promiscuous. Research surveys have discovered this is untrue too - having tattoos do not make you any more or less sexually available than someone without tats. These are two great psychological advantages for an exotic dancer with tats, even if not fully cognizant of the effects tattoos can have on patrons. Given all the above, is it no wonder why over 60% of strip club performers have tattoos?

So, are tattoos sexy? Ultimately this depends on the eyes of the beholder, the artistry of the work, where it’s located, and the expression it depicts. Some love ink, others hate it (it’s about 50/50) but one thing is for sure – a stripper spinning around a pole with tats is always hot!

Sep 09, 2022

Joke: Cool Pose

It’s so hot, I’m just trying to stay cool by standing naked in front of the fridge, with the door open. The grocery store employees don’t look too impressed though.

Sep 08, 2022

Quoted: Nymphomania Defined

"A nymphomaniac is someone who has more sex than you do."

- Alfred Charles Kinsey, American scientist, 1947 founder of the “Institute for Sex Research”, and author of the 1948 & 1953 Kinsey Reports (1894 – 1956).

Sep 07, 2022

Word Up: “Swaffelen”

Swaffelen is a Dutch slang word that means to hit one’s penis (flaccid, semi-flaccid, or erect) repeatedly against an object. In the sexual sense, it is usually against a partner’s face (often the cheek, during oral sex i.e., fellatio), and in English goes under the slang term of “Dick slap,” or “Turkey slap.” Men do it sometimes to make their penis harder, sometimes from a sense of power or dominance, sometimes for their devotee (partner) to worship their manhood, and sometimes as a combination of these reasons. It can be part of foreplay and is not reserved solely for the face, it could be any body part, with ass cheeks, boobs, thighs, vulva, and abdomen being popular alternatives/additions.

Swaffelen is not always a sexual act, it has been known to be used on unsuspecting victims (while sleeping or passed out). It then takes the form of fun but could also be one of degradation and bullying. So, unless you have consent this is not the best of things to do, it could even lead to criminal prosecution. In 2006, two male “Big Brother” contestants in Australia were expelled from the TV show, for “turkey slapping” a female contestant.

Another non-sexual version of Swaffelen is hitting one’s penis against an inanimate object (for fun) and even recording it. This is where Swaffelen has gone beyond the meaning of “Dick” or “Turkey” slapping. In 2008 a Dutch student filmed himself swaffeling the Taj Mahal (a majestic marble tomb in India) and uploaded it to YouTube. Unsurprisingly, it went viral. The individual faced penalties at home and a sex-focused Dutch TV show (on a public TV station) came out in his defense, asking others to go swaffeling, and even trying to instigate a “National Swaffel Day.” Needless to say, there was a significant uprise (pun intended) in people posting videos of swaffeling. This led to “Swaffelen” being voted the “Word of the Year” in the Netherlands & Belgium for 2008. One could say, “It beat all the other words, hands down”.

Please note: Most (if not all) states in the USA have strict laws against exposing genitalia in public places, and this includes being identified as doing so in photographed or filmed recordings. So swaffeling public monuments, buildings, etc. is highly inadvisable – and the recording of such an activity would be idiotic. We do not advocate such activity and cannot be held liable for any dick slapping you may choose to do. Swaffeling should be kept to the confines of your own privacy, with consenting adults who are happy to turn the other cheek.

Sep 06, 2022

Miss Nude World - 15th to 19th November in Tampa

The 59th Miss Nude World competition is being held at Deja Vu Showgirls, 6805 Adamo Drive (East), Tampa, Florida 33619, from Tuesday 15th to Saturday 19th November 2022.

More details about this competition can be found on our website - click the "continue reading" link to go there.

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Sep 06, 2022

Quoted: Wild Craving

“The parts of you that will never be tamed are the parts I crave the most. I am addicted to the wild things in you.”

– J. M. Storm, modern-day American writer/poet who is a mechanic by trade. Check out his literary work on Amazon by clicking the “continue reading” link.

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Sep 05, 2022

FDNC & PDNC Competition Canceled

The 2022 Feature Entertainer & Pole Dancer National Championships have been canceled. This competition was scheduled to at Kandy's Adult Playground in Waterford PA, from Thursday 8th to Saturday 10th September. It will be sadly missed but we hope we will see its return in 2023.

Details about this competition can be found on our website. Click the "continue reading" link to find out more.

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Sep 05, 2022

Joke: Her Smile Lights Up the Room

I decided to make sure my wife woke up with a smile on her face this morning. On an entirely unrelated note, she’s banned me from ever having sharpies in the house.

Sep 03, 2022

Sexy Facts: Big Cojones?

The testicles have two main functions, to produce semen as part of the procreation process, and secondly to make testosterone, a hormone responsible for defining male characteristics. Are these vital functions, in the ongoing continuation of humans, affected by the dimensions of one’s “family jewels?” Many concern themselves with penis size but what about how big the cojones are? Well, in a nutshell (pun intended), the answer is, “No, in terms of reproduction, testicle size does not matter”. It’s the quality of the semen, and a healthy male plumbing system that delivers the semen to the vagina, that really counts. Still, this doesn’t stop people from wondering about their rock size – what is small, average, or large?

The average weight of a man’s testicle is around three-quarters of an ounce (or 21g). By comparison, the average human eyeball weighs about an ounce. This “ball” weight doesn’t sound very much and measuring this (while they are attached to the body) is a little difficult. The easiest approach is to measure them with a tape measure and calculate the volume – and this is how the scientific community usually defines testicle size. Broadly speaking, the average testicle size is:

1 ¾ inches (4.5 cm) in height x 1 inch (2.65cm) in width x 2/3 inch (1.7cm) in depth = ¾ fl oz (or 21 ml) – see how the volume correlates to the weight!

Using imperial measurements is more difficult (so, we’ve rounded them), whereas the metric scale gives greater accuracy. Some readers we surmise, are already reaching for a tape measure, and it’s important to realize this “average” is actually on a scale (or range): 17ml – 25ml. Therefore, to have testicles considered small or big, they would need to be below 15ml, or more than 27ml, in volume. Just remember, at the end of the day, the size of one’s testicles is all about aesthetics.

Now, just for fun and before anyone starts trying to be more macho (due to the size of their bollocks), consider these two animal kingdom facts:

1. The testicles of the Bush Cricket (aka Long-Horned Grasshopper) account for 14% of its body weight, the equivalent of a 150lb human having testicles weighing nearly 24lbs.

2. The Right Whale has the largest testicles in the animal kingdom, on average they weigh around 1 ton (and produce a gallon of semen “each time”).

Sep 02, 2022

Ossy's in Iowa Closing

Ossy's Show Club in Carroll, Iowa is permanently closing its doors. Their final night will be Saturday 3rd September so, go see them for one last hurrah if you can.

Ossy's has been run for the last 44 years by husband & wife team Roy & Donna Osterlund and in more recent decades with their sons Travis & Seth. They are all moving onto a fresh venture with a new family-friendly restaurant & bar in the same area. There has been no statement as to what may happen to the strip club once closed but there is a rumor (and only a rumor as far as we know) that it will become a pizza restaurant.

Our thanks and best wishes go to the Osterlund family.

Sep 02, 2022

Stripper Olympics 2022 - Winner

Congratulations to Autumn Knights and her attaining overall champion status at the 2022 Stripper Olympics. Held on Wednesday 31st of August, at Michael's Men's Club (Broussard, Louisianna), 15 competitors competed in Lap Dance, Pole Tricks & Floorshows. Hayla Faye and Blck Svvan achieved overall 2nd & 3rd places respectively. More details about this competition can be found on our website - click the "continue reading" link to go there.

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Sep 02, 2022

Joke: Local Noise Pollution?

My neighbors complained about the sexual moans and groans coming from my house every morning. I didn’t want to spoil their illusion and tell them it was just me trying to get my socks on.

Sep 01, 2022

Quoted: Missing Reputation

“…a girl who lost her reputation but never missed it.”

- Mae West, American actress, singer, playwright, screenwriter, comedian & sex symbol (1893 – 1980).

Aug 31, 2022

Word Up: “Psellimophilia”

“Psellismo” comes from ancient Greek and refers to a speech disorder involving hesitations and involuntary repetitions of certain sounds i.e., stammering, aka stuttering. Psellimophobia is the irrational fear of stuttering, and psellimophilia is the opposite, a sexual arousal to stuttering. For those who stammer it can minimally, diminish their quality of life by affecting the flow of communication, or adversely, may attract ridicule or humiliation. Interestingly, stuttering seems to affect a greater number of intelligent people, leading some to suggest their brain processes thoughts faster than their speech can cope with, thus causing the stuttering. So, if you stammer, finding someone who is attracted to and even aroused by stuttering (and intelligence), can be a very nice find indeed.

According to research, about 1% of the world’s population stutters. However, there is very little (if any at all) research that has been carried out on psellimophilia. There are psellimophiliacs out there but just how many there are, is unknown, and it’s not restricted to one’s gender, or sexual orientation. Where identified, just how intense a person’s reaction to stuttering is, falls along a spectrum. Some find a person who stammers as cute, whilst others find it impossible to reach an orgasm except with a partner who stutters. For others, this fetish builds and grows more intense over time.

There is very little data out there to begin to theorize as to why someone would find stammering a sexual turn-on. However, one suggestion is that the frequency of the stammer mimics that of an orgasm, as do any facial contortions made while stuttering (the “O-face”). So, why is there very little scientific investigation into psellimophilia? It’s probably because there is no detrimental (negative reaction) to having this fetish which has led to it needing to be researched.

As a heterosexual male who has a stutter, I would be more than interested to hear from heterosexual females who may have psellimophiliac tendencies - with a view to conducting personal research into this fetish.

Aug 30, 2022

Quoted: Soulful Porn

“Soul on Soul! Now, that’s my kind of porn.” -

Jonny Ox, a modern-day writer of poetic musings on Facebook @jonnyox410, & Instagram @jonny_ox.

Aug 29, 2022

Joke: A Rose by Any Other Name

If strippers can be called exotic dancers, then drug dealers should be called exotic pharmacists.

Aug 27, 2022

Good Time Charlie's - Demolition

Good Time Charlie's, the only strip club on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, is set to be demolished on September 1st. Located at 42140 Sterling Highway, Soldotna, Alaska 99669 it has been operating for over 50 years by Charles & Diane Cunningham. In 1991 the state bought the land the club is on to widen the Highway from 2 to 4 lanes. It was a project that has been delayed for over 30 years, until now. The club permanently closed at the end of July and the interior has been gutted, ready to be demolished. It's sad to see this iconic club go.

Aug 27, 2022

Sexy Facts: Boob Gazing – Part III

Welcome to the third and final part of our little mini-series “Boob Gazing.” In the first part, we looked at the science that suggests what we already believe: Men like to look at boobs. The second part highlighted three reasons why men like to look at female breasts, namely:

1. Breasts are a clear female feature of difference, which attract men (and other women).

2. Breasts are a visual sign of sexual maturity, suggesting physical readiness for breeding & motherhood.

3. Boobs are sensual, exciting, and sexual.

On the face of things, it is perfectly natural to want to look at boobs. It is a hardwired trait in our genes so is a very normal desire, and one not to be ashamed of. However, before all the men get carried away with themselves, this week we’re looking at “How not to Boob.”

A. Decisions in Isolation

Breasts or any other physical attribute should never be the sole criteria for choosing a sexual partner, far too many bad decisions can be made because of this boob. However, what initially attracts you is special to you (and them) and shouldn’t be discarded, it could just be (quoting the ending to Casablanca) “The beginning of a beautiful friendship”. Alternatively, one might say it’s, “To help you become the very breast of friends.”

B. Standards of Decorum

Perhaps the biggest boob men make is not even a casual or subtle passing look at a woman's chest, but a continual gaping stare. Why is this so bad? Very few females will appreciate your penetrating glare, and while this may be appreciated by a few, the majority will not. It is disrespectful, offensive, demeaning, and rude. It’s the same as hanging off a construction site and wolf whistling or shouting, “Go on darling, show us your tits,” or cruising with your window down and yelling, “Hey babe, get your Ta-Ta’s out.” When done with strangers, or people you hardly know, it can cause embarrassment, upset, or even fear – these are not feelings you should want to create in others. Plus, it almost certainly makes you look like a complete penis. Learn to employ social etiquette. Yes, you may have the urge to look (it’s natural) but you are more than capable of holding yourself back (and being a gentleman).

Note: there are some places where you can stare and shout, “Get your tits out,” they’re called strip clubs. According to one study, looking at a woman’s breasts for 10 minutes can provide health benefits similar to 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise. Therefore, scientifically speaking, going to the strip club, and ogling boobs, makes you live longer.

Aug 27, 2022

Monique Alexander 08/26/22 - Cancelled

Due to unforeseen circumstances, tonight's appearance at the Hustler Club San Francisco, by Monique Alexander, has been canceled.

Aug 26, 2022

Joke: Second Thoughts

Sometimes I think, “Screw this…I’ll just become a stripper!” Then I remember I’m fat, old, and can’t dance.

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